What We Do

The GKMPA supports the Marching Band, Vocal and Instrumental Music Departments, and the All-School Musical. We provide performance trip chaperones, assist with the distribution and collection of uniforms, and provide special rehearsal and performance needs including ushers at concerts and refreshments at various music events.  We also raise funds to provide extraordinary items that might not usually be available for purchase within the constraints of the school budget, and to award scholarships and various recognition awards to students and seniors in June; in short we support the excellence which is the Music/Performing Arts Program at NVOT!

Some of the work of GKMPA includes:

  • Providing dinners for the marching band during band camp week and before every football game.
  • Providing refreshments at the band camp exhibition.
  • Providing chaperones and equipment transportation for all marching band trips.
  • Donating Guitar Rack for the new music exploration class and guitar club
  • Providing refreshments at the Music Honor Society Induction and at the Awards Concert.
  • Providing Dinner for the cast and crew of the All School Musical
  • Sponsoring the Awards Dinners for both the Marching Band and The All School Musical.
  • Awarding nearly $7000 worth of scholarships and awards annually to music students.
  • Providing Snacks for the Festival Field Trips
  • Donating an $8000 State of the Art Lighting Control Board to the Auditorium.
  • Donating a $3000 Portable Public Address System for the Marching Band and the department in general
  • Donating portable Music Stands for the Jazz Band and any ensembles that perform off site.
    • Creating and maintaining internet based communication such as website and email blasting to keep music parents apprised of music department activities
    • Providing faculty with automated forms to collect important information eliminating the use of paper.

Your membership and participation is vital to the continued success and growth of this Association.

As a member of the GKMPA you will receive regular updates by email as well as notification about upcoming meetings, concerts, and events. Every member is listed in the program at each and every concert and will also be listed on our website, gkmpa.net.

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Thank you! The GKMPA